Simply Sweet


This package is perfect for couples who have selected their venue, and are either in the process of selecting vendors or have already hired their vendor team.  

We want to learn about your perfect vision the minute we start working together!  We will begin with a two hour session where we can learn all about the lovely details.  Whether you decide to start working with us weeks, months, or a year or two before your wedding, we will be your advocate throughout the entire process!

Sweet Magnolia will be there to ensure a smooth execution of your rehearsal and wedding; so you can relax, celebrate and enjoy the magic of the day! We’ll create timelines, manage communications with your venue, vendors, and wedding party, taking care of all the moving parts and logistics of the day.  If you're still searching for vendors, we will gladly assist you with referrals to some of the most talented, creative, vetted wedding professionals in the industry.

In addition to the Planning Session, Walk-through and Rehearsal; you’ll have unlimited communications available to you via email, text, calls, or Zoom from start to finish! You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing a professional team will be responsible for the execution of your event.

Your wedding day is one of the most significant moments in your lifetime... we want you to have fun and enjoy your own party! To learn more, click here.